About Us:

Our Motto is: United Hands – Eager to Help.

Over the years the auxiliary has raised money through functions such as flea markets, raffles, food supplies, sale of jewelry and vanilla affording us the opportunity to donate to several associations including the Bus fund for the Fireman’s home, ads in the Firemen’s ConventionĀ  Yearbooks, Philmont Santa Claus Club, Philmont Volunteer Fire Company, as well as supplying gift baskets at Christmas to needy families in the village.

We have a Coffee Committee which is an on-going effort to support the firemen with coffee,sandwiches, etc. should there be a serious fire or other emergency.

Our meetings are held on the 1st Monday of every month at 7:00 pm at Richardson Hall.

Membership is open to all Men & Women 18 years or older who work or reside in the Philmont Fire District.

Our dues are $3.00 per year and a one time initiation fee of $1.00.