Volunteer firefighting It’s a great way to serve

The Process.

Fill out an application and talk to a fire company line officer. They will sit down with you to discuss the exciting steps to becoming a volunteer firefighter. Our officers are usually found Tuesday nights at the firehouse for drill. Your application will be given to the company, and presented to the membership at the next monthly meeting. Our next monthly meeting will be held on the third Friday of the month. Once approved you will sit down with our Board of Trustees for an Interview Process. If you passed a favorable Interview process, you will be recommended to go for a physical. with in 1 year of Acceptance tot he Company you will be required to go to fire school.



Different types of a Firefighters

There is a job for everyone. we are an equal opportunity volunteer fire company.
Class A Firefighters are interior Firefighters who fight fires and search for any persons inside a burning building. A ll interior operations
Class B Firefighters are exterior members who are classified as Scene Support. These members will tag a hydrant help set up a ladder when necessary, bring tools to the firefighters as well as other duties.
Class C Firefighters are classified as support members who direct traffic, or drivers who drive our fire trucks.
Class D is Fire Police activity based fire company basic duties and EMS services.
Current Requirements: Firefighter I or Scene Support Class within the first year of membership. OSHA 8 hour  once a year, Firefighter physical once a year.

Our Physical Provider is Philmont Family Care.